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Kids & Art | Viewer 3.0

Also included is a book on getting started with VR apps, games, and films.

  • Made for kids, by kids

    Your child can experience the wonders of virtual reality within minutes with the Kids & Art Viewers and a cell phone. It's easy to set up, and instructions are included to walk you through the simple steps.

    Each headset is designed using a child's original artwork, created in a Kids & Art workshop. Kids & Art is a nonprofit organization that provides Arts workshops led by professional artists to children with cancer and their care circles to improve their well-being during treatment, as survivors, and in bereavement.

    For each purchase, PowisVR will donate $15 to the Kids & Art Foundation.

  • Learn more about Kids & Art:


    Scan me to pair the headset to your phone for the best viewing experience.

    Easy steps to get you started

    1. Download Cardboard app from Apple or Google Play App Store

    2. Scan QR code located on Viewer to calibrate smartphone to Viewer 2.0


    3. Insert and secure smartphone into Viewer 2.0

  • 1. Compatible with smartphones between 4-6.5 inches

    2. Universal one-touch button to interact with VR apps

    3. The front flap paired with an inner foam piece completely covers and secures your smartphone for a fully immersive VR experience.

    4. The QR code calibrate your smartphone to your headset for an unparalleled mobile VR experience.

    5. Rubber edge sits comfortably on your face and protects the device from sweat and oil stains

    6. Adjustable lenses independently adjust to correct a wide variety of vision problems.

  • Apps for Powis Viewer 3.0

    Download VR apps from the Google Play store for endless VR fun.

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